• Release negative habits that are draining your time + energy

  • Feel emotionally balanced + centred

  • Experience more regular cycles + less PMS

  • Encourage clear, radiant skin

  • Feel naturally energized + more focused

  • Experience more restful + deeper sleep

  • Slip easily into your skinny jeans

This is what you'll get

  • A step-by-step roadmap to break free from sugar cravings, no matter where you're starting from.

  • Easy to follow guidance + practical advice that fits with your schedule, delivered in daily "bite-size" portions to keep you on track + avoid overwhelm.

  • Breakfast recipes, shopping list + snack inspiration so you feel nourished, not deprived.

  • Meditation practice to calm your mind + ease your cravings.

  • Flexibility of a self-guided programme plus the encouragement + mindset support to ensure long-lasting change.

  • Exclusive offer for 1-2-1 coaching support for extra clarity + confidence.

Hey, I'm Katie

I was on the sugar rollercoaster for most of my life. I know first-hand the havoc it wreaks on your hormones, your mood, your skin and your figure. And I also know it’s possible to break free and create a healthy relationship with sugar. Even if you’ve been a “sugar addict” for as long as I was. In my 7+ years of clinical practice I’ve worked with hundreds of women struggling with cravings. Women who come to me feeling deeply uncomfortable in their body. Women like you who want to make a change, but feel stuck. That’s why I designed The Sugar Reset. It’s the kickstart you need to transform your cravings, create more balance in your life and start trusting in your body again.
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Success story

"I cannot thank you enough for all your help! Thanks to you I finally know what it's like to feel better and I am finally able to recognize what I need to do differently to feel good." ~ Petra F, 36